5 Things To Look For In Persian Rug Outlets

If you're in the market to buy a very high-quality Persian Rug, then you'll of course need to conduct a thorough amount of research in order to even get in the right room where these rugs are located. Persian rugs truly have an incredible amount of history and cultural significance that a lot of rug shoppers neglect, but there is a ton of value in finding a great Persian rug for everyone! 

But the truth is that the only way you're going to find a great Persian rug is if you locate and get in touch with a great Persian rug outlet. We're very fortunate to have partnered up with the experts at Rug Source, an up-and-coming rug provider based in Charlotte, North Carolina, to help us compile this list of 5 things you should be on the lookout for when you're looking for you next Persian rug outlet. 

So here are the 5 traits that will help you choose who to shop for Persian rugs with!

1. Make Sure Your Rug Outlet Has Been Around For Awhile Within Your Local Area

It's very true that longevity is a key factor in terms of deciphering overall experience, and this is especially the case within the area rug industry. You're always going to be much better off working with a business that has proven themselves throughout your local community by consistently providing really great products/services. 

There are some instances in which a rug outlet will seemingly pop up out of nowhere with a "going out of business sale" and then they'll simply show up in another part of your state or the country doing the exact same thing. This is a pretty serious scam within the rug industry that you should always look out for, and in the end it's simply a lot better to put your trust in a rug retailer that's been in your local area for many years!

2. Make Sure You're Being Shown Persian Rugs That Coincide With Your Budget 

It's always very important to recognize whether or not a rug outlet respects your actual spending budget, and this means following through with the X amount of dollars you're willing to spend on your purchase. It's always a red flag when you tell someone your budget and then they automatically start showing you products of any kind that is actually much higher than your budget, because this isn't trustworthy!

When salesmen don't respect a client's budget to a tee they are clearly indicating that they're more interested in getting a higher commission or sale as opposed to actually helping you and your household. This is something that should always be avoided at all costs! 

This type of sales tactic is also a sign that the specific rug outlet doesn't have any Persian rugs that coincide with your budget, so if you aren't flexible with your budget then they'll simply be wasting your time! 

3. Be Cautious If You're Seeing Machine-Made Rugs When You Want A Hand-Knotted Rug

This is why you should always do an adequate amount of research to allow you to better differentiate hand-knotted and machine-made rugs, because there are many shady instances in which a rug outlet will try to tell you that you're getting a handmade rug when it in fact is machine-made. There's a drastic difference between these production methods when it comes to overall rug value, so being as informed as possible is very important!

If a salesman takes you to a machine-made rug when you specifically said you want a hand-knotted rug, then this is a clear red flag that you probably shouldn't be shopping with them! 

4. Don't Go To Auctions That Sell 'Seized' Rugs 

There are some scenarios in which people will say they're selling rugs at auction that were seized by U.S. Customs, but these types of sales are always fraudulent. This is because any seized products must always be exported out of the country due to them being illegal to sell in the United States. 

For the most part, you shouldn't want to purchase a Persian rug from an auction no matter where the rugs originated from! Auctions are very often very dishonest and not forthright with the products they sell, and many times people will get a "handmade" rug from an auction that actually is machine-made. 

This is why you should simply avoid auctions altogether and only shop for Persian rugs via very reputable, experienced outlets. 

5. Authentic Handmade Persian Rugs Simply Cost A Lot! 

It's always important to recognize how handmade Persian rugs were made by individual artisans most likely in countries like Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. There are some instances in which one or two rugs is all that these artisans can make in an entire year! Because hand-knotted and handmade rugs take so long to create, they're subsequently going to cost a ton! 

This is just a basic fact that all rug shoppers need to be cautious of, but of course there is so much intricate artwork and expertise that goes into Persian rugs. They truly are long-lasting family heirloom investments that you can pass down from generation to generation! 


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